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Redemptorist Spirituality Course for Slavic Units in Lviv (Ukraine)

A Redemptorist spirituality course was held for the first time in Leopoli, from 24 to 29 September 2017.

The course was led by Fr. Piotr Chyla, director of the Center for Spirituality based in Rome, together with Fr. Sylwester Cabala from Lubaszowa, a place that besides being the interprovincial novitiate is also the centre of apostolate and Redemptorist spirituality of Warsaw Province.

The course was attended by the confreres of the Province of Leopoli, Warsaw, Bratislava-Prague, Vice-Province of Michalovce, of the contemplative Redemptorist sisters of Lviv (Redemptoristines) and the active Redemptorist sisters, that is Missionary Sisters of the Most Holy Redeemer. Altogether, we were 34.

The common prayers that we had reflected the diversity of the rites and the creativity of the participants. Through our Saints and Blesseds (Gerardo, Young Neumann, St. Clement, B.Stangassinger, the martyrs of Spain, Ukraine and Slovakia) we have deepened the main points of our spirituality. A special moment had been devoted to our origins and people involved in the founding of our Congregation, St. Alphonsus and Blessed Crostarosa, Falcoia and Sarnelli.

Among the lectures and reflections, all very well prepared, the thing that touched us more was the presentation on the relationship between Redemptorists and Redemptorist nuns. The evening program was dedicated to the history, apostolate and spirituality of the Units present at the meeting. Many participants appreciated this formative and spiritual encounter, especially the richness of the Redemptorist family gathered on this occasion as a moment of formation.

We want to thank all those who have contributed to the realization of this course for the Slavic units.

O.Metod M. Lukačik CSsR


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